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Friday, February 25, 2011

Scene of the week - Baby Blues

The Quotable Chesterton

The Quotable Chesterton, by Kevin Belmonte, is a collection of C. K. Chesterton's most quotable writings on nearly every subject under the sun. For anyone like me who has yet to be introduced to Chesterton writings, and doesn't know where to start - this might be a good place. Chesterton is a prime example of someone greatly gifted by God who used his abilities to bless the Christian world and affect the secular one. One could make the argument that he is one of the best in his trade. The pages are graced with quotes which before digesting require a weeks worth of chewing on. One of my favorites? "Fallacies do not cease to be fallacies because they become fashions" (page 64, discernment).

However, I must confess, I am an individual that judges a book by its cover. Honestly, I never would have opened this book had I not been on the mission to review it. The cover art comes across as a crass caricature of Chesterton, drawing attention to his large belligerent mouth. This does not seem in line with the collection itself. I cracked open this book expecting to dive into it like any novel and quickly learned my mistake. It would be better packaged as a coffee table hardcover; one that you would peruse occasionally over time or use as a reference book.

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Monday, February 14, 2011

It is funny...

It is funny when you move... we expected so much to change but have been remarkably surprised at how much is the same. Before we left we had dinner with the Thompson family. John said something that stuck with us. It went about like this: "When you go you take all your weaknesses and problems with you." The Thompson family had recently moved and returned from Fiji, so we took this to heart. And it is true. Our same struggles materialize here. Our same tendencies and habits. Some we are still trying to shed and leave behind (ie. raising our voices at the kids) and some bring us comfort...

For example, the infamous "dish." After 3 years of marriage, we finally gave up our constant battle against "crap collection" areas and embraced designating them. One of these is "the dish." And when we packed up- we stuck it neatly in its own box and now we have finally pulled it out again. In all its glory.

It resides on our bookcase and this now feels a little more like home.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


We've moved. And our daughter is ever so excited to use the mailbox and learn "how to send things away."

So last week I asked Anibel if she wanted to write a letter to her friend Lindy and mail it.
Anibel replied, "Oh Yes! Hmmm..... I think I'll do an 'N'. Yes, Lindy would like an 'N'."

It took a few moments of explanation for her to understand that what I meant by the word "letter" was really a note...