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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Kid Project

Well, we moved our Kid Project blog this week to After launching this morning, I am uttering a big sigh of relief. Actually, after I have the next two weeks worth of posts (we leave for Oregon Saturday morning) scheduled, then I can really relax.

I never thought I'd be a blogger. That I would enjoy it so much. Or that I would now have two blogs. But I've always loved to write. After having kid #3, someone asked me what I like to do for fun and my honest response was, "sleep." Followed closely by, "I don't have hobbies anymore." Becoming a Mom is one of the biggest adjustments a person can go through. And in fact many hobbies do go out the window and many have to. Being a parent pushes your daily sacrifices way up.

But as Ezzie passed the "sleeping through the night" mark and on to the "not nursing anymore" mark- I found myself with a bit more energy, hence a bit more time since napping wasn't as necessary. I began to ask myself, what do you love to do, and are there a few things that would nourish your mothering instead of distracting from it. Writing, climbing, and reading (as long as I don't get absorbed into a fiction novel) are some of those hobbies for me. They keep me sane. They help me reflect on what God is teaching me, where I have failed, and what I am really doing with my life.

So here's to a busy week: a newly launched blog, a daughter being home schooled, two others being "toddler" schooled (you mom's of toddlers know what I mean), a house that is getting new siding and windows, a husband who is working hard and doing a class today, making turkey and a cake for house church, a 14 hour road trip in 3 days and a busy holiday season! What a week!
P.S: That little cottage we rented on the coast of Oregon for two nights? Cannot come soon enough!
New siding in the back, door coming soon!
Three little helpers in the kitchen.

Scene of the week-Gettin' that wedge

Sunday, November 6, 2011

To the moon?

 To commemorate the first snow of the year the Ericksons went on a first class adventure up Little Cottonwood Canyon to Snowbird- to watch it fall softly on the vacant runs.  I would like to say it was peaceful up there- but honestly it was snowing so hard it was a little alarming!  Or at least the air was energized with that "start of a new season" feeling.  Cars were driving like they'd never seen the stuff before, parking lots were filling up with cross country and back country skiers already starting their season, cops were blocking off the canyon roads and only letting 4-wheel-drive and chains continue on.  I would like to say this was an unusual storm- but it was very usual- habitually Utah as we have learned.
We drove by the towering rock walls we had climbed only 7 days before.  Things are a changing around here.  Climbing season is on its way out.  And ski season is weeks away.  As for the kiddos, they didn't understand why we didn't bring their skis, and why the lifts weren't running...all in due time.

So we are excited to start a new chapter of the year as 2011 comes to a close.  I am sad outdoor climbing is done for the year, but excited to adventure around Alta with the kids.  Saturday night the skies cleared, and the moon came out.
Abishai asked, "Dad, can I walk on the moon?"
Chris: "The outlook is poor, son." 
Abs: "Why?"
Chris: "Because it is really expensive to get to the moon."
 Abs: "Dad, does it cost 30 dollars?"
Oh Abs...I wish.

Scene of the week - Snack time

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Eyes of Gratitude

Abishai took this and my face was actually in the frame!
I woke up this morning crabby. Yesterday morning too for that matter. But today was different. I was bemoaning the fact that I would not be able to go to yoga today. My once a week, Wednesday yoga class has become somewhat of a sanctuary for me. So I kept my grumbling to myself, of course God still saw it, and prepared for my day.

Half way into the morning, Chris informed me plans had changed, and I could go to yoga. My response? Now I have to change my plans, now I am hurried to figure out if I can still go. And do I have to leave early to get back in time? And, and, and...

God had interrupted my day to bless me in a small way and it took me awhile to see it. I guess I am glad I finally did, cause I started out by fighting tooth and nail. As I enter the "Thanksgiving" month I want to work on being more thankful. That all starts by seeing things the right way. If I look at my circumstances through eyes of gratitude, I have much to be thankful for. If my sight is filled with ME and everything I am "entitled" to, then I will only see how I want things to be different. Not only that, but how I deserve for them to be different. It is a matter of perspective.

It is very easy to get into the trap of thinking on "what we deserve."  I had a wonderful woman help me down the road to right thinking when I was stuck in a "deserving attitude." She asked me, "So you think you deserve better, something different?" "Well, yes." I replied. "So who are you before God?" "I am an unrighteous, sinful, flawed person." "And what do you deserve?" She asked?  Nothing but the just punishment for my sin and a sentence of eternity in hell. So anything above and beyond that is God's grace to me, and much more than I deserve.  I try to remember this every time I struggle with my attitude.

My prayer this month? Lord, give me eyes to see...

Primal, by Mark Batterson

Primal is kin to Radical by David Platt.  It addresses the mainstream christian culture but while Radical is directed mainly towards the actions of Americanized Christians as being half-hearted, Primal draws more attention to the heart and spiritual state of the same.

Primal speaks to the sickening condition of our heart, our lack of longing for true knowledge of God, our lack of compassion for other people, and our inability to see God in the world around us.  He begins the book with a call to adventure, the quest being, "the place where loving God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength is all that matters" (Batterson, 11). I had to ask myself, "How much of my day is concerned with REALLY loving God?  What does that even mean?" If you wonder the same thing, this book might hold some answers.

Batterson continues through the book to describe what it means to really love God.  From having heart-felt compassion-"compassion is the ultimate apologetic"- to love of nature.  This resonated with me, I myself love the outdoors.  And he equated that to loving God with your soul- by loving what he made and what he too valued.

Overall, a great read for anyone wanting to stir up their soul for the things of God.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Photo Card

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