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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Kid Project

Well, we moved our Kid Project blog this week to After launching this morning, I am uttering a big sigh of relief. Actually, after I have the next two weeks worth of posts (we leave for Oregon Saturday morning) scheduled, then I can really relax.

I never thought I'd be a blogger. That I would enjoy it so much. Or that I would now have two blogs. But I've always loved to write. After having kid #3, someone asked me what I like to do for fun and my honest response was, "sleep." Followed closely by, "I don't have hobbies anymore." Becoming a Mom is one of the biggest adjustments a person can go through. And in fact many hobbies do go out the window and many have to. Being a parent pushes your daily sacrifices way up.

But as Ezzie passed the "sleeping through the night" mark and on to the "not nursing anymore" mark- I found myself with a bit more energy, hence a bit more time since napping wasn't as necessary. I began to ask myself, what do you love to do, and are there a few things that would nourish your mothering instead of distracting from it. Writing, climbing, and reading (as long as I don't get absorbed into a fiction novel) are some of those hobbies for me. They keep me sane. They help me reflect on what God is teaching me, where I have failed, and what I am really doing with my life.

So here's to a busy week: a newly launched blog, a daughter being home schooled, two others being "toddler" schooled (you mom's of toddlers know what I mean), a house that is getting new siding and windows, a husband who is working hard and doing a class today, making turkey and a cake for house church, a 14 hour road trip in 3 days and a busy holiday season! What a week!
P.S: That little cottage we rented on the coast of Oregon for two nights? Cannot come soon enough!
New siding in the back, door coming soon!
Three little helpers in the kitchen.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Alyssa,
    I appreciate you, and thanks for writing!
    you're awesome, I love your honesty and encouragement as we're in the thick of busy kid life right now.
    thanks sister.