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Sunday, November 6, 2011

To the moon?

 To commemorate the first snow of the year the Ericksons went on a first class adventure up Little Cottonwood Canyon to Snowbird- to watch it fall softly on the vacant runs.  I would like to say it was peaceful up there- but honestly it was snowing so hard it was a little alarming!  Or at least the air was energized with that "start of a new season" feeling.  Cars were driving like they'd never seen the stuff before, parking lots were filling up with cross country and back country skiers already starting their season, cops were blocking off the canyon roads and only letting 4-wheel-drive and chains continue on.  I would like to say this was an unusual storm- but it was very usual- habitually Utah as we have learned.
We drove by the towering rock walls we had climbed only 7 days before.  Things are a changing around here.  Climbing season is on its way out.  And ski season is weeks away.  As for the kiddos, they didn't understand why we didn't bring their skis, and why the lifts weren't running...all in due time.

So we are excited to start a new chapter of the year as 2011 comes to a close.  I am sad outdoor climbing is done for the year, but excited to adventure around Alta with the kids.  Saturday night the skies cleared, and the moon came out.
Abishai asked, "Dad, can I walk on the moon?"
Chris: "The outlook is poor, son." 
Abs: "Why?"
Chris: "Because it is really expensive to get to the moon."
 Abs: "Dad, does it cost 30 dollars?"
Oh Abs...I wish.

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