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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Primal, by Mark Batterson

Primal is kin to Radical by David Platt.  It addresses the mainstream christian culture but while Radical is directed mainly towards the actions of Americanized Christians as being half-hearted, Primal draws more attention to the heart and spiritual state of the same.

Primal speaks to the sickening condition of our heart, our lack of longing for true knowledge of God, our lack of compassion for other people, and our inability to see God in the world around us.  He begins the book with a call to adventure, the quest being, "the place where loving God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength is all that matters" (Batterson, 11). I had to ask myself, "How much of my day is concerned with REALLY loving God?  What does that even mean?" If you wonder the same thing, this book might hold some answers.

Batterson continues through the book to describe what it means to really love God.  From having heart-felt compassion-"compassion is the ultimate apologetic"- to love of nature.  This resonated with me, I myself love the outdoors.  And he equated that to loving God with your soul- by loving what he made and what he too valued.

Overall, a great read for anyone wanting to stir up their soul for the things of God.

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