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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My inner incognito

The dark shadows bounced around, mirror to mirror. My legs pumped. Up, down, up, down, up, down. We all were, a small pack moving nowhere, burning energy.

But in my mind the mountains flew by, the sun burned bright but didn't burn me. The sun and the trees and the smells were real, just not real. My legs burned, my hip strings strained.

Then the beat hit. Hard. Rhythm on the wings of lyric and sound drove my legs on. The hummmm started in my toes and drove me further and farther then I thought I could go. Then I wanted to go.

I am a dancer, incognito. A musician that will never master an instrument. But beat starts and turns and flutters around my space. And I blend like a rhyme. It drives me on. It takes me to a different place. Past where I think I can go, to something bigger than myself, outside myself, beyond myself.

Monday, June 4, 2012

We are THAT family...

I don't know when it happened...but somewhere along the line we became that family. You know, the one that is slightly dysfunctional and out of touch with the rest of society.

It must have began on our first anniversary. Chris and I went out to a five star restaurant. We followed the host to our seats and Chris jumped in front of me and pulled out the chair. Instead of recognizing his act of chivalry, I said, "Oh, do you want that seat? OK." And moved to the other side. He had to explain to me that he was trying to pull out my chair for me, much to the host's amusement. This is where we coined the term, "YeeHaws." Cause we looked like a bunch of "YeeHaws."

Fast forward 6 years. We are getting ready for a wedding. Chris tells the kids he is going to wear a suit and we ask Abs to run and get ready. Minutes passed and he returned...with his Captain America outfit. "Suit" to our kids apparently means, "super-suit."

Then Anibel and Ezzie come out, in their cute little "princess" dresses and Bells asks, "do these match?" These being her flip flops. That is when I realized I must say yes. Cause the truth is, we don't have dress shoes. So there we were, with one good looking Dad, two girls all dressed up but in flip flops and Abs in Keen sandals...cause they are the nicest shoes he owns. I figured Keens were better than flashing tennis shoes. And me? Well...I had those dress shoes, I slipped them on, made it five minutes standing and wore my own flip flops to the reception. Looks like I can't even handle high heels anymore!