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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Project Peace

Discontent. I woke up this morning, not wanting to wake up. I nursed a baby and rolled my eyes when I heard the kids waking up LOUDLY in their rooms and starting to yell. I stumbled downstairs to cereal and munching mouths, thinking, "I want to be munching too." But instead, I poured some coffee, ran upstairs and got dressed. Minutes later I emerged from the bedroom, sighed at the pile of laundry by the door and the dust balls that danced around my ankles, and embarked on feeding Ezzie "twosies." This took nearly all my patience as half of every spoonful hit the bib or balanced precariously on the edge of her chin. And her fresh outfit? Now spotted with applesauce, and me? Spotted with her applessauce as well...

This Christmas I want to stop. Stop. Stop and enjoy all the things I don't enjoy. Because here is the truth. All the things that drive me crazy all day long, if suddenly taken from me, would leave a deep and painful hole in my life. If my kids were taken from me, I would give anything to wash their tiny pants again, to hear them yelling in the next room, or wipe applesauce off their faces. If my house was taken from me, I would yearn to vacuum its floors and turn off its lights. If my husband was taken from me, I would be desperate for one more call from him, even if it was only to say he'd be home late from work.
So for the remaining days until Christmas this is my goal: to share with you one thing a day that I am thankful for, one thing that might normally be taken for granted or even dispised and recognize it for the blessing it is. Feel free to share some of your own as well!


  1. I was thinking about this last night, after Anibel and I had so much -- badness -- yesterday. I was laying there on her bed, holding her blankie waiting for her to get done brushing her teeth and thinking - "What I wouldn't give for one more fight if she was gone..."

    As I said last night, I'm really lucky to have her as a daughter, and she's really lucky to have me as a dad :-).

  2. I really like your Project Peace idea, Alyssa! It's fun and encouraging reading all your thoughts. I'll share one as well - I hate this weather in Phoenix! How is one to get into the Christmas spirit when it's 80 degrees outside?? I've been complaining about this quite a bit, especially when I realize how many Christmas songs are themed around SNOW. I never realized just how much I'd miss the weather I was used to. But I've been thinking about how Jesus wouldn't want me to complain, that he'd want me to enjoy the sun, being able to pick pecans and oranges off the tree, not bundling Rebekah up to run an errand, praying with women outside at the park...on and on. But really, the thing I'm reminded of the most in the warm weather is the true purpose of Christmas - our Savior's humble birth and purpose on earth. It's not about snow at all and when I think I want to complain, Jesus says, but the warm weather reminds you even more of what Christmas is all about - ME. I've been more thankful this year than probably any other Christmas season and it's because every day Jesus reminds me of him when I step into the sunlight. :)

  3. Jen, awesome. And don't fret too much. It has been sunny and 50-60 degrees here. No sign of snow here either! Thanks to sharing. Keep them coming everyone!