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Friday, October 1, 2010

Days and ways

Here are my favorite things about my days:
- getting time alone with my husband before the kids wake up ( if I wake up that is)

-watching the kids play gas station with their Strider bikes

-Abishai's pronunciation of "whoop-de-doos"; more like "oooop de DOOOOOOOOS!"

-Ezzie's smiles

-Anibel: "First I am going to brush my teeth so they don't fall out, then I am going to do my hair with first a barrette and then a headband and a hat on top of it all cause if I get good at doing my hair Mom and Dad will let me cut Abs hair..."

-Waking up to my husband reading his bible and making me coffee :)

-That my kids are finally starting to play off by themselves at parks or in the yard without me having to be there.

-The way Abs licks his lips and inserts a finger in the mouth when he is uncertain about something.

-Watching Abs eat. Always the enthusiast. And when he is done he says, "Don't like it" which comes out "ike it!" even if he just devoured his entire plate. He learned that phrase from his sister....

- Anibel hopping and dancing around the room just to make Ezzie laugh. And Ezzie just lovin' it.

-That Anibel is a "mom" to Nia her baby doll and puts old rags in her diapers cause they are just like the cloth diapers mom uses.

- That Mom is currently Ezzie's 'happy place!' Especially when she is hungry...

-"I love you Abs." "Thank you (Dink u) mom."

-The way Ezzie's butt gets stuck in the bumbo and Anibel helps me pull it off when I am pulling her out of it.

-"Band practice" in the Erickson household.

1 comment:

  1. I laughed out loud at the Anibel quote about her teeth and cutting Ab's hair!