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Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Macky Mac

If anyone knows who or what the macky mack is and how to kill it please let me know...
It began innocently a few weeks ago. Anibel referred to some friends of ours as the macky mac. We all laughed. Big mistake.
Her brother has since jumped on board the Macky mac train. According to the two youngest I make "macky dinners," play at "macky parks," and drive in the "macky mac blue van." Ezzie is also known as "the macky muff" or the "macky mac muffin". Their most favorite game is to run squeeling through the house yelling, "macky mac macky mac macky mac!"

Apparently, tomorrow night we are going to do the "macky mac" all the way to Lindy's house and have dinner with the Lowes...

I repeat. If anyone knows who or what the macky mac is or from whence it came, please let me know so I can go about exterminating it in the cleanest and quickest fashion.


  1. After going to the Lowes the Macky Mac appears to be a severe form of disobedience.

  2. Only one in which the parents are visibly quite on top of...well done mom and dad.