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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sightless - Mindful Meanderings

So I went to my normal Wednesday power yoga class. I love this class...cause well, it kicks my butt every week. But this week it was hard in a different way. We got all comfortable and ready and...she pulled out sashes to tie over our eyes! We were doing yoga...blindfolded. Ever try that? I hadn't. It is hard. Your balance, your awareness, your comfort - it all changes! Mostly you aren't able to look around the room and take ques from other people. Balance is nearly impossible. But on the flip side - distractions plummet.

The most noticeable thing to me was that I kept subtly turning. I'd step back into a lung and my foot would be no-where-near on my mat. Where was I turning? Well, to my right and a little in front of me was a window. The only light in the room. A light that was still perceivable from under my white sash. I kept turning towards the light.

I began thinking about this. Mostly my mind traveled to Heaven and how God will be the light. "God is light, and in him is no darkness" (1 John1:5). Funny how we find comfort in the light. I think God intends for it to be this way. But in the busyness and complicated-ness of life, we get caught up in all sorts of darkness. More often we get caught up with things that are only masquerading as light. But in Heaven the distractions won't be there. The other things to "measure" ourselves by won't either. We will be free to orient ourselves to the light, in fact, I think it will be quite natural for us to do so.

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