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Friday, February 3, 2012

"What you been up to?"

People ask me this question and I say, "Not much." And not much life changing is going on. But what I REALLY mean is:

We've been planning trips and timing chores, schooling, training, laughing and wiping up a few tears (luckily not our own). We've been climbing, tumbling, snacking, skiing, sledding (only once, no snow), typing and typing and typing. We've been nursing a sore wrist, doing lots of power yoga (feel the burn in those legs), taking the dog on walks, trying to groom the dog ourselves (failed), paying to have the dog groomed and not recognizing him when we picked him up.

We've been adding and subtracting, watching NCIS, playing lots of "prince and princess," and watched Beauty and the Beast for the first time.We've been making new friends, keeping old ones, and enjoying where God has us. We've been staying up late with those "no-kid" friends of ours and drinking lots of coffee cause of it. We've been pep talking Chris cause he turned 30 and enjoying Birthday parties. We've been reading and blogging, mastering social media, and taking and taking and taking photos.

So it is life as usual...around here! to the FIS Freestyle World Cup in Deer Valley. New adventures! Abishai was sad to hear he wouldn't be going off the jumps- just watching... we'll let you know how it goes!

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