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Friday, May 14, 2010

Hops and Hurtles

I've entitled this blog Lessons in semantics.

a.the study of meaning.

2.the meaning, or an interpretation of the meaning, of a word, sign, sentence, etc.:

But let's not argue about semantics.

It is 9:45pm on Friday May 14th. I am currently trying my hand at writing again while multi-tasking the art of motherhood. Which at this exact moment involves drinking a beer while the kids sleep. Tough gig, you think? But I do. See the beer is to increase my milk production for our 2 month old daughter Ezzie, and I hate beer. Why, I ask, does beer apparently aid in milk production? Why can't it be chocolate. I'd even settle for scrambled eggs. My milk recently took a downward turn after a week and half bout with the worst flu bug I've experienced, at least in terms of longevity... I'll let you know how this grand 'beer experiment' works. I figure I'll give it a week.

I have been thinking of beginning this blog for 4 years now, starting roughly when I had my first child. But now that we are on to number three I've decided I finally have enough time to do it. Either that or my body has finally become conditioned to the insane schedule of a mom. One that provides little sleep, little mental stimulation (in terms of conversation beyond the subject level of special treats, cars and poopy diapers), but much emotional provocation at every turn.

Don't get me wrong- having kids isn't all bad. It is my life at this point, the portion assigned me by God, and the daily small victories both in winning my child's heart and in changing those part of me that need changing make it worth it.

Victory of the day:

Anibel:" Mom's do lots of chores. I'm a pretend mommy to Nia so I must do lots of chores. And it will please Jesus."

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