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Monday, May 17, 2010

Semanitisize this...

Is that even a word? Would I like it if it was?
Anyways...our daughter loves monsters. I've spent much time thinking about this strange phenomenon and have whittled it down to a few possible causes. The first being the cookie monster- the first official monster she learned about. And she has a strictly love love relationship with anything cookie in its name.

The second being her father, who for fun and games crawls around the house growling at the kids and grabbing their stuffed animals in his mouth and tossing them to the side. I mean what is a little girl to do?

So now we have table monsters- purple ones, brown, blue, green. Some crawl, some stand. Most dwell under tables eating our crumbs (I am sad nothing dwells under our table and eats their crumbs) and now I've been introduced to a new one called a "cow-poke" for lack of better understanding. Apparently this one will come out from under tables, can walk around, and will go in the house to hide from the people. While most 4 year old girls play princess or wedding, ours runs from room to room playing monster and running from them. What is the meaning of that?

1 comment:

  1. My daughter makes a distinction between good monsters, who basically do things similar to us like go to the zoo in their yellow car with their yellow shoes and yellow jackets, and bad monsters that steal daddy's pickles among other things. Maybe our girls need to get together sometime to compare monsters :)