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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Planes and the like...

We went to the Hill Aerospace Museum a week ago and it far exceeded our expectations. As usual my husband cracked me up. On the way home he pulled out two mini planes he had purchased for the kids.

"Here Abs, I got the SR-71 for you because it is the fastest plane in the sky and no one can catch it. Sort of like you." He turns to Bells, " I got you the F-22, the feistiest plane in the sky. It has spunk and never looses a fight."

Ah, my husband cracks me up...
Like the other night at church. We were called back to the kids classrooms because Abs was having a hard time. Chris asked him what was wrong and Abs sputters something out about hearing the choo choo and it scaring him. In an effort to calm him this is what he says, " Abs look down. Are you standing on train tracks?" Abs shakes his head. " Everytime you are scared cause you hear a choo choo, look down. And if you aren't on the tracks you have no reason to be scared. If you are on the tracks, run screaming."

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