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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Marriage (in conclusion...)

This, I guess, is not really a conclusion. I am sure to experience more. And I am sure to post more about it. But for now I simply wanted to share one of my favorite poems on love. One that hung above our bed for the first couple years of marriage:

Trust me, I have not earned your dear rebuke,
I love, as you would have me, God the most,
would lose not him, but you must one be lost,

Nor with Lot's wife cast back a faithless look
Unready to forego what I forsook;

This say I, having counted up the cost,
This, though I be the feeblest of God's host,
The sorriest sheep Christ shepherds with
his crook.

Yet while I love my God the most, I deem
That I can never love you over-much;
I love Him more, so let me love you too;
yea, as I apprehend it, love is such

I cannot love you, if I love not Him,
I cannot love Him, if I love not you.
-Christina Rossetti

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