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Monday, July 18, 2011

Invest in fun!

Maybe with three kids I am now starting to feel all grown up...and even a bit old.  Maybe I really am just getting wiser. Or more foolish.  I am not really sure.

As we added to our little flock I noticed, and my husband too, that I was subtracting daily from my smile total.  At the time I actually said, "I am too tired to have fun." And having a newborn can be a bit like that. Recently we have been investing in more fun.  For the longest time we believed anything fun or extravagant was being foolish with our money.  And maybe it is, according to some.  Like buying a sturdier, bigger, and more expensive swingset so that Chris and I could swing too.  Chris said, "If we are having swings, I intend on using them."

And I love our new addition!  And I love using them.  But...I think our kids love it the most.

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