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Monday, July 11, 2011

A Modern Day Cowboy.

The wild beast was on the loose.  Running fast and free across the Shopco parking lot.  Dodging first this car than that, a near miss for an old lady in a truck and then picking up speed as it hit an open straight away.  The gusts of wind urged it on its wreck less course.  Christopher mounted his beastly steed and took off through the parking lot with red flashing before and behind. He grabbed that beast by its horns, steered it forcefully around and delivered it to the nearest shopping cart port.

It was an amazing site to see.  My husband, the modern day cowboy.  A rouge cart whipping across the parking lot.  There isn't much he cannot chase down in the new Xtera, and manhandle through the window while driving at the same time.  Ah, my modern day cowboy...

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