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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Where the rubber meets the road...

Every once in awhile- okay really every couple weeks, maybe every couple months, I find myself listlessly wandering the house.  Looking to buy something, to start something new, to go on vacation, or to escape into a movie/book/anything really...  This is usually a red flag for me- one I've learned means I've lost focus and vision in my daily life.

This was my day yesterday...wondering desperately what I am living for, wondering if I am really doing anything with my life at all.

These times are good for me- not the listless part- but the reassessing of goals and values.  I sat down.  Made a list of who I am, who I want to be, what the most important things are to me.  I prioritized them.  My list looked something like this:
  1.  Fear and enjoy God, get to know him better.
  2.  Love and serve my husband, and get to know him better too!
  3.  Love, train, school and have fun with my 3 kids
  4. Serve at church and build into relationships there
  5. (and somewhere in all this, find time for things like training the dog, cleaning the house, exercising, family and relationships...)

I ask myself if my daily choices support these priorities- often they do, partially.  Often somethings need to be put back in their right order.  But mostly, what I realize is that even though my day is full of seemingly mundane things- laundry, disciplining, cooking meals, yard work...over all I AM doing something with my life- and not just something, but something that has value and worth.  
Not all things of value and worth- are epic, exciting, or adventurous in the moment.  Often they can be grueling, requiring patience and endurance.  But when we step back to look at the big picture- we can see progress.  We can see the epic-ness in the whole thing.  And it gives us the energy to keep going.

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