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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Another year, another project! Part 2

This is what I love about taking pictures: they stop and make me see what I am looking at.  I understand that there is the moment to set it down and join in the fun.  And often I get to caught up in taking pictures.  But last week, what would have been a mundane and forgotten trip to the cupcake store became a story line though my lens that I will not soon forget.

In my crazy dailiness called mommy-hood, I need to stop and see. See my kids for who they are becoming as a person.  See my husband and what he really needs.  See my house, my family, my health - instead of taking them for granted. Does anyone else think it is ironic that black Friday comes immediately after Thanksgiving!  I mean, we cannot stop for even one day without having to plan some momentous occasion to celebrate all the things we want. Ugh.

So here is to truly seeing:
Assignment #2 Travel without Traveling
"Think globally, photograph locally." Make the ordinary extraordinary by creating photographs where you live. This is challenging because we have become over familiarized with our surroundings.  This assignment sharpens our observation skills like no other. Without going more than 5 miles, set out to photograph your geographic context like it has never been done before. Imagine you are a foreigner and have only a short time to capture what captivates you.  Create a set of 10 strong photographs.

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