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Monday, December 12, 2011

Assignment #2- Travel without Traveling

To say this assignment was hard might be an understatement. Photographing landscapes leaves me hungering...because I never capture what I see. Add to it the fact that my surrounding are familiar, smog covered, cold and dark a fair portion of the day and let's just say I've felt very uninspired.

But I guess I took my not so inspiring surrounding and tried to work with some elements I haven't worked with much before.  Like light, for instance.  The position of the sun, reflections, textures and those impossible to get night time photographs.  And it was fun.  Painful at times but fun.

So without much further ado... I present My World from sun up to sun down, and a little in between:

And I cannot help but stick one Chris took in here.  He snapped as he sat in the hallway waiting to catch the next renegade toddler that was trying to escape nighty night time.

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