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Friday, January 14, 2011

Fruit in keeping with repentance

For quite awhile now we have been praying that Anibel would have a heart that in the moments after sin, would want to stop, recognize what she did was wrong and ask Jesus to forgive her and help her to change. These are the basics of repentance. Basic. But not a given. They do not come naturally.

What does come naturally is anger that she is being disciplined. Sadness that she was caught. Comparison in the form of "it isn't as bad as so and so or Abs sinned too!" Frustration that Mom and Dad always seem to know...

And sadness over her sin is not something we can force. We can't make it happen. It has to be the grace of the spirit in her life.

Yesterday we were on our way to Chris' work and our conversation went something like this:

Anibel : (singing really loud)
Mom: Bell, please don't sing that loud. Quieter.
Anibel: Abs, sing that song really really loud!
Abs: (starts singing really loud)

A Mommy mini-lecture commenced...

Things quieted down for a moment and I heard bells whispering in the back. I stopped to listen and this is what I heard:
"Dear God, I am sorry that I asked Abs to sing really loud when my Mom just asked me not to do it. It was sinful. I am sorry. Help me have a beautiful heart."

Isn't that just enough to melt anyone's bad mood. It sure did mine!

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Alyssa! Very encouraging!