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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How many boxes?

We are 2 days out from the drive to Salt Lake and who knows how many boxes we have packed. I am looking around my house, amazed by how much we have and how much we don't really need. And amazed by how messy the house can still be considering 98% of everything is boxed and in the garage.

This process of moving as been an emotional roller coaster. Chris and I had a whole week where we lacked any enthusiasm to do anything and just sat thinking about how sad we were to leave. Eventually that passed and we moved on to anxious frusteration as we awaited final loan approval. Now we have had a few days of denial followed by freaking out and topped off with excitement. If I didn't account for one thing, it would be how exhausting it is to have your emotions swing all over the place on you.

Anibel came up to us a few days ago and said, "What is wrong Dad?" "Well, moving is stressful Bells," Chris said. She replied, "Yes, but Dad, isn't it so fun to put things in boxes?" Oh, if only it was that simple.

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