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Monday, January 17, 2011

w&w 2011 - The Pothunters

I guess I can say that The Pothunters was a little like hunting for meaning but enjoyable nonetheless. Wodehouse has been criticised as a "fluffy" writer. I figure it a little like this: he writes plots that resemble the dime mysteries at the grocery store but demonstates his skill through his diverse use of language and style. He cannot, in my opinion, be compared with the "trashy" writers simply by fact that his literary skill is so far greater in nearly every respect.

Now onto my first impression: I nearly felt like I was in a Harry Potter novel. References to house prefects, head boy, house sports, and names such as Percival had me reeling in surprise. But I figure J.K.Rowling and Wodehouse know something I don't - a first hand account of schooling in England. I figure this is common place to the English, but it isn't to me. Having stated all that, I do wonder how much Wodehouse Rowling has read...

Favorite quote: "There are few pleasures keener than the pleasure of telling somebody something he didn't know before." pg 3297

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