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Monday, August 22, 2011

Should we name the frog?

Since Kai has arrived a plethora of wild life has emerged in our yard.  It seems slightly backward.  Shouldn't the dog scare it all away?  One such nightly friend is the frog living under the lid of the sprinkler box in the back yard.

I never knew he lived there.  Kai scratched at the box for a good week- all the time I was thinking, "silly teething puppy.  He'll chew on anything."  A few nights I saw him tossing something around in the grass but could never find it.  The third night he tossed it onto the pavement and in my "it is late and dark out" stupor, I stepped on the frog! Screamed.  And ran inside.  That was the first time I met the frog.  

Once Chris inspected and he was indeed still alive, I quickly captures and released him on the other side of our back fence.  But he came back.  Or we have two frogs.  But I think he just came back.  And now they co-exist every night.  Kai pooping on the lawn.  The frog eating the flies that collect because of it....


  1. I think he deserves a name. Especially after surviving being used as a chew toy. Something really manly, like Rambo. Or Nugget (not because it's manly, but because I like it.)

  2. OOO, I like nugget. It has a certain ring...