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Friday, August 19, 2011

Wisdom Pose

Yoga.  In christian circles this can be a hot debate.  Is it a religious or spiritual act?  Is it demonic?  Is it worship of something other than God?  I am not here to debate it.  Maybe another time.

But yoga in many ways has changed my life.  Not in a huge way, like say Jesus has.  In no way do I believe yoga can save me.  But physically I feel stronger than I ever have before.  It significantly improved my climbing- more so even then just climbing more.  I feel better about myself, my body, and for me it bridged that gap between secular and spiritual.  God can be part of my exercise and physicality?  He can be.  It just works for me.

All this aside - this is what I meant to comment on.  The other day my instructor let us sit back into wisdom pose for a little (much needed) break.  And I thought, "Why did they call this wisdom pose?"

This verse came to mind:

Proverbs 9:10 "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom."
Is there really any better physical representation for fearing God? To bow down before him?  And this is the beginning of wisdom.  Sometimes I fear in our division of all things spiritual- from all things physical- we miss a deeper understanding of our place before God.  We could all use a little more wisdom pose in our lives.
Try it now.  Or tomorrow morning.  Get down on the floor.  Bow down and be still.  It might just change your day.

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