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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

All too fast, I say.

In perfect Erickson style [we are a tad on the spontaneous side], we dismantled Ezzie's crib on Sunday night, which led to us unbunking the beds and realizing we didn't really need the changing table anymore. Which means... we went from one room that shouted "there is a baby here!" To a room that speaks of little girls, growing up way too fast. When they were all babies I couldn't imagine them ever getting bigger.  But they did. And now I cannot make them stop, I guess I never could.

So mamas, enjoy those little warm snuggles. They will start moving all to quickly.  And when they do you will roll and tumble and gain momentum and fly past potty training and bigger beds and bed rails and riding a bike, and before you know it your child will be...well still a child but more like a blur.  Ever moving, every changing, ever growing and learning and doing. This is all a part of it I suppose. But then every mom must be allowed her nostalgic moments...

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