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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Business stuff

So, apparently Google is doing away with Google Friend Connect (GFC). If you are like me, maybe you had no clue. And maybe you don't really care.  But I know there are some of my followers out there that use GFC to follow my most recent posts. So this will affect you, and I don't want you forgetting about me after GFC is gone!

So here is the deal:
1. I will be doing away with the "follow" me on GFC in the next week or two. Most likely.

2. You will be able to follow me two different ways. Facebook - yes I will try to link my new posts on facebook, under me (Alyssa) and not the Kid Project fan page, as I see the two blogs as two separate entities -OR- you can subscribe at the bottom of the home page -OR- you can put in your email address under Special Delivery and my posts will be emails to you!

3. A bit more about subscribing. Both The Kid Project and Lessons in Semantics are burned using FeedBurner and you can subscribe using a number of different readers- I use GoogleReader (just started today). I highly suggest this! Sounds confusing but say you keep up with a few blogs from time to can simple go to GoogleReader and they are all there in one place for you, new posts and all. No more fishing through windows!

For more info visit:

Easy? I hope so, let me know if you have any questions, concerns, problems!

1 comment:

  1. Hey thanks! I didn't know they were going to discontinue GFC, boo. I'll be adding new buttons to my blog too, but in the meantime I need to put up a "switch to feedburner" post :)