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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Through the nose... [A mini-assignment]

So, we have some new additions to the Erickson household, in the form of camera gear and I have a lot to learn!  I also had a ton of fun doing mini-assignments before Christmas and posting them.  So you might frequently [hopefully] see some of my latest photo projects posted on here under "Projects."

Today I limited myself to f/2.8 only.  Goal: to become quicker at composing, focusing, and capturing that risky frame with an extremely shallow depth of field. Problem: I was totally uninspired in terms of content.  So Chris sent me on a walk with Kai - my constraints? To capture that which interested Kai.

I must admit visions of grass and more grass and yellow snow and more grass flickered through my mind.  But in the end it was fun- I got some good ones of Kai [ cause being focused on him and what he was interested in naturally led him into my frame.] And there are all the usual suspects [ less grass than I thought]...but then, being a dog, he keeps to the highly predictable nature of the canine species. One moment I was particularly proud of? Kai waltzed blissfully by a construction port-a-potty. Thank God I didn't have to take a picture of that!

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